What is a Case Management System?

A case management system is a centralized repository for all information regarding a potential case.  This provides investigators with the ability to easily review evidence and ensures that vital information is properly protected and preserved.

What should I look for in a case management system?

Cybersecurity incidents can be very complex, affecting many systems and spanning a long period of time.  As digital forensics specialists perform their investigations into potential cyberattacks, they need an effective way to store and manage collected evidence and record their findings.

A case management system provides the functionality that these investigators require. Some of the most important features include:

  • Secure Data Storage: Case files from digital forensics investigations can contain sensitive information that needs to be secured and protected in accordance with applicable data privacy laws.
  • Access Controls: The sensitivity of the information contained within case files also means that access to these files must be strictly managed. A good case management system incorporates strong, granular access controls to ensure that access to sensitive data is limited to authorized users.
  • Searchability: Forensic analysts often accumulate a great deal of data in the course of their investigations. The ability to search through case files for specific information is essential to efficient incident investigation.
  • Data Sharing: Forensic investigators working as a team need the ability to share findings and other information with one another quickly and efficiently. A case management system should allow data sharing in a way that does not undermine the security of this sensitive data.

During a digital forensics investigation, the speed of the investigation often has a significant impact on the extent and cost of the incident.  A quality case management system is critical to minimizing the time to respond after a potential incident has been detected.

Benefits of a case management system 

Hyper Vigilance provides network monitoring and digital forensics investigations as part of our managed security services portfolio. For both of these applications, a good case management system is an essential tool.

For its internal case management needs, Hyper Vigilance has created our own case management system that has integrated various tools to ensure all actions are documented and flows with our incident response workflows. With this capability, Hyper Vigilance’s analysts can focus their efforts on investigating and responding to security incidents without concerns about breaching sensitive data and ensure our clients have all the data needed to properly report cybersecurity incidents to the DoD. 

Detecting, investigating, and responding to a potential security incident can be complex. However, the speed of the investigation and response has a significant impact on the amount of damage that a cyber threat actor can do and the cost of remediation. Having a trusted case management partner makes our team more efficient and effective, which ultimately lowers the cost of security for our customers.

Meet your case management needs with Hyper Vigilance

The partnership between Hyper Vigilance and PreVeil enables an effective full-service digital forensics service. PreVeil’s case management solutions provide our investigators with the tools they need to quickly and correctly respond to incidents. To learn more about how Hyper Vigilance can help with your organization’s cybersecurity posture and prepare you for compliance, contact us for a free consultation.

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