Cybersecurity Solutions

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    A secure digital foundation is at the center of everything your business does. Between emails, customer transactions, and file sharing, you need to be confident that your company’s sensitive information is protected and safe from attack. 

    At Hyper Vigilance, we see it as our job to make sure that happens. 

    Our simple, tailored approach means that your business gets all the cybersecurity services it needs without the extra charges it doesn’t. With affordable, effective, and easy to implement cybersecurity solutions, we have what your business needs to be secure from the bottom up.

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      Cybersecurity Services

      Get Compliant

      Compliance Management

      From CMMC to HIPAA and beyond, we offer compliance assessment, documentation, and reporting services to prepare your business for an official compliance audit.

      Protect Your Business

      Advanced Threat Protection

      Offering incident response, endpoint protection, software implementation, and more, our Advanced Threat Protection cybersecurity services defend and safeguard your business.

      Keep Foundations Strong

      Security-First Managed IT

      Without a secure foundation, all digital efforts are at risk. Our Security-First Managed IT services start with a secure foundation that all our other traditional IT services to operate in. 

      Customizable Cybersecurity Solutions

      Cybersecurity and Your Business

      Even small businesses today need to have well-fortified cybersecurity defenses in place if they wish to maintain clients, win new contracts, and keep disruptions to their workflow at a minimum. Despite the common misconception that many small businesses have that they’re too small to be targets of cyber attacks, small businesses actually make up roughly 43% of all cyber attacks, with the average amount of damage caused equalling upwards of $1 million. Putting the time and resources into preventing cyber attacks on your business now can save you hundreds of thousands of dollars down the road.

      Customizable Cybersecurity Solutions

      Pricing Made Simple

      Getting secure doesn’t mean breaking your budget. Our easy to understand pricing model helps keep security simple and the majority of your budget on running your business with just the right amount on running your security. We determine our cybersecurity services prices by the number of users, devices, and which kind of services are included and are presented in simple, easy to read terms. When something is as important as your business’s cybersecurity, we don’t think you should have to wade through fluff and filler to get what you need. 

      Packaged Cybersecurity Solutions 

      Our core cybersecurity services can be tailored and molded to fit the exact needs of your business, large or small. Whether you’re looking for a full-service security shop to give your business a solid digital foundation or just some help to let your employees safely work from home, we have the solutions you need.

      Secure Enterprise
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      Secure Small Business
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      Remote Work
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      The security of your business is our business.

      Want to learn more about Hyper Vigilance?

      Our goal is to make sure you’re confident in your decision to trust us with the cybersecurity of your business. Whatever your need, we want to help you fill it. Explore our FAQs page for more information on compliances, our process, our expertise, and contract terms.

      Your One-Stop Shop for All Your Cybersecurity Needs  

      Setting up the proper cybersecurity solutions and protocols is vital to the success of your business, but that doesn’t mean cybersecurity has to be a daunting undertaking. At Hyper Vigilance, we believe in the value of having informed conversations about your business’s cybersecurity needs, capacity, and timelines and will take the time to work with you to understand how we can best help sure up the cyber foundation of your business. 

      Reach out to us today and let’s start making your business as secure as it can be. 

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