Compliance Management

For many businesses, compliance is not a luxury or an option. Whether it allows you to bid on contracts or simply run your day-to-day operations, getting and staying compliant is crucial to the success of your business. More than that, proving to your customers or your clients that you stay up-to-date with the latest technology, information and practices is vital for building trust and maintaining lasting relationships.

Through our cmmc compliance management services, we’ll prepare you for an official CMMC Audit, ensuring you have the right procedures in place, the best software configured, vigilant lookouts for security events, and the proper documentation to prove it all.

Proper compliance starts with our thorough cmmc assessment of current security practices.

We offer full-service security solutions for a variety of standards and compliances.

We’ll help document your compliance solutions to meet cmmc audit requirements.

Compliance Management Offerings

CMMC Compliance

Required under for the Defense Industrial Base to bid on DoD contracts.

NIST 171 Compliance

Required when working with Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI).

HIPAA Compliance

Required to safeguard the protected health information (PHI) of patients.

PCI Compliance

Required to accept credit card payments from customers.

ISO Compliance

Proof of globally recognized best practices in IT and security standards.

GDPR Compliance

Required to protect the privacy of personal data from EU countries and beyond.

FFIEC Compliance

Required for federally supervised financial institutions that engage in online banking.

SOX Compliance

Required for public companies to protect shareholders from errors and fraudulent practices.

SOC 2 Compliance

Proof of properly managed customer data by a third-party cmmc auditors.

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Compliance Management

Compliance Management Starts with CMMC Assessment

Knowing where you currently stand with compliance is the first step to achieving it. With our thorough compliance assessment services, we’ll walk through every procedure, practice, and article of your chosen compliance and compare it against your current operations to get a full picture of where you are and what else you need to do. 

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Not Sure Where to Start?

Get a solid understanding of where your security infrastructure stands with our CMMC Readiness Assessment.. This fast and efficient overview of your current setup lets you know your next steps for getting compliant.

Get Compliant with Hyper Vigilance  

No matter which cybersecurity compliance your business needs — if not several — we’ll help get you there with our full-service compliance management services and offerings. With our straightforward pricing model and our emphasis on making compliance accessible and easy to understand, trust the experts at Hyper Vigilance with your CMMC Compliance Management requirements. Get in touch with us to take charge of your business’ cybersecurity foundation.

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Hyper Vigilance was the right choice to guide us through the cybersecurity process as we attempt to grow the business. They provide excellent service and we continue to look forward to working with the Hyper Vigilance team. We are very grateful for how they simplified the entire process and the efficiency during the transition to a secure platform!
Hyper Vigilance moved us from negative NIST score to almost full compliance in less than 1 month. The team is experienced, quick, efficient and works to find the best solution to maintain business operations while keeping security at maximum level. Communication and issue resolving is fast. Highly recommended.
We are required to comply with NIST 171 and CMMC to remain competitive for defense contracting, so we sought and received several quotes from reputable companies, and Hyper Vigilance was the top choice. They offered a higher level of assistance compared to others that were more expensive. The professionals at Hyper Vigilance have proved to be very knowledgeable, responsive, professional, and customer focused. The support they provide is very comprehensive and flexible, and have executed several innovative options/solutions to achieve our goal. Their technical professionals are always on the clock and are very responsive.