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Passing a compliance assessment isn’t easy, but it’s necessary for your business to thrive. To get contracts, grants, cyber insurance, and trust from customers, your business needs a base level of security to protect against attackers aiming to access your business’ secure files and data. 

At Hyper Vigilance, our bread and butter is preparing our clients for their compliance audits by providing thorough, effective, and cost-efficient assessment support services no matter what compliance requirements they need to achieve.

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Compliance Audit & Assessment Support

Our Assessment Process

We start our compliance audit support services by conducting an assessment of your current cybersecurity posture. This includes walking through each control and comparing it to the security controls of your chosen compliance framework whether that be NIST 171, ISO 27001, or HIPAA. Once we determine how well you are meeting those controls, we devise a remediation and mitigation plan to align your current operations using a risk-based approach. This project plan, once implemented, will have you prepared to schedule your official compliance audit.

Compliance Programs We Support

CMMC Compliance

Required for the Defense Industrial Base to bid on DoD contracts

NIST 171 Compliance

Required when working with Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI)

HIPAA Compliance

Required to safeguard the protected health information (PHI) of patients

PCI Compliance

Required to accept credit card payments from customers

ISO Compliance

Proof of globally recognized best practices in IT and security standards

GDPR Compliance

Required to protect the privacy of personal data from EU countries and beyond

FFIEC Compliance

Required for federally supervised financial institutions that engage in online banking

SOX Compliance

Required for public companies to protect shareholders from errors and fraudulent practices

SOC 2 Compliance

Proof of properly managed customer data by a third-party auditor

Already have an idea of your compliance level and know you’ll need help?

We’ll not only provide you with a plan for how to meet the standards of your needed compliance, but we can also work with your business to help actually get you there. Focus your time, energy, and resources on managing your business. We’ll focus on managing your compliance.

Compliance Audit & Assessment Support

What is a compliance risk assessment?

Different from a compliance audit, a compliance risk assessment takes a high-level view of your security posture, explores what controls you meet, what practices you follow, and maps out a general game plan of how to address the gaps in your current setup. This no long-term commitment first step is a great way to dip your toes into the complex world of cybersecurity.

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Get Compliant with Hyper Vigilance

Keeping You Open For Business 

For many organizations, some form of compliance is required in order to do business. We’re here to make getting compliant as easy as possible. Contact the experts at Hyper Vigilance to get your business ready to take on whatever the world throws at it.

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