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    Every compliance journey starts somewhere, but taking that first step can seem daunting. Many compliance management businesses require a full commitment before a proper compliance requirement assessment even gets underway. At Hyper Vigilance, we believe in doing things differently. 

    We provide a strategic, high-level compliance readiness inspection with no long-term commitment or contract required. With one flat fee, you get a complete picture of where you are and what you need to do next. Surveying capabilities, policies, and practices, we help you get started on your path towards compliance.

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      Our compliance readiness inspections cost $5,000 and provide you with a holistic overview of your current operations.

      Each readiness inspection takes roughly two to four weeks to complete, getting you on your way quickly and efficiently.

      We perform readiness assessments for a wide range of compliances including CMMC, HIPAA, SOX, and more.
      Readiness Inspection

      More Than Just an Assessment

      Designed to be an educational process, we review the inspection findings with you to make sure you understand and feel prepared to present those findings to boards and executives. We’ll even provide a custom-built presentation and work with your IT and leadership groups to prep them to give their own internal presentation of assessment findings. At the end of each readiness inspection, you’ll walk away with a detailed capabilities roadmap and gap analysis, giving you clear next steps towards compliance.

      Our Compliance Readiness Inspection Process  

      Our compliance readiness assessments begin by getting a general overview of current practices, procedures, and capability areas, narrowing in on more specific components as we go. As we dig, we’ll look for red flags and look to see whether your infrastructure already has incident response tools in place. If you already have an access management system established, we’ll dig in and look for gaps, taking note of any we find.

      Get Your Business Ready for Business 

      Our goal is to make getting your business complaint simple, easy, and affordable. Talk to the experts at Hyper Vigilance to get your business ready for any compliance audit it needs to master. With our compliance readiness assessments, our team will work with yours to make sure everyone understands and is prepared for the next step in your compliance journey.

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