Cybersecurity Protection


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    Releasing access to your company’s sensitive data can be as easy as clicking one malicious link or missing one weak spot in your business’ otherwise impenetrable armor. But we’re here to make sure that doesn’t happen. Hyper Vigilance’s cybersecurity protection services shore up your defenses to prevent attackers from taking advantage of overlooked weak spots by providing intrusion protection, incident detection and response, preventive controls, device management, data loss prevention, and more. 


    Whatever your business needs, whether software or services, we have the Advanced Threat Protection options that fit your business and fill the gaps in your firewall.

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      Advanced Threat Protection

      Protection, Detection, and Response

      Our cybersecurity protection software and services center around the three main goals of Advanced Threat Protection: 1) to provide a ground cover of security measures to prevent breaches in the first place, 2) to detect threats that bypass our protective measures before they have the chance to access data or assets, and 3) to quickly respond to detected threats to minimize damage from a security breach and to rectify holes in your security posture. 


      Once implemented and integrated into your business’ cybersecurity foundation, our team of highly skilled analysts monitor, report, and manage threat activity to update you when necessary and to act on events when necessary.

      Cybersecurity Protection Services

      Constant Lookout

      24/7/365 monitoring of security measures and events.

      Advanced Email Endpoint Protection

      Protection against ransomware, fraud, and phishing attacks.

      Advanced Web Endpoint Protection

      Filter URL, antivirus signatures, and protect against HTTP security threats.

      Forensic Analysis

      Detailed analysis of events to determine severity and response.

      Mobile Application Management

      Secure set-up and monitoring of BYOD and company-provided devices.

      Firewall Management

      Protection against unauthorized data or access data, assets, and servers.

      Advanced Threat Protection

      Cybersecurity Protection Awareness Training

      We understand that quality software and services are not the only things that keep your business safe — your employees do, too. That’s why we offer complimentary cybersecurity awareness training for our customer’s employees. Whether it’s required to keep compliance certifications or simply to keep your employees up to date on the latest in cybersecurity threats and prevention measures, this training prepares employees to serve on the front lines of your business’ cybersecurity protection force.

      Get compliant with Hyper Vigilance

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      Get compliant with Hyper Vigilance

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      Secure Your Business with Hyper Vigilance  

      Securing your business starts from the ground up. By implementing cybersecurity protection and Advanced Threat Protection services and software, you establish a solid, secure foundation the rest of your business can thrive on.

      Get started making your business more secure with the experts at Hyper Vigilance today.

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