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Best Advanced Threat Protection Software: Top 5 ATP Systems

Organizations face an ever-increasing threat of cyber attacks targeting their data and network devices. The best advanced threat protection software (ATP) security solutions offer endpoint protection against various cyberthreats, including malware, ransomware, and zero-day attacks to keep up with top breaches and network threats that can exploit your business. 

However, a new term has evolved: XDR, or EXtended Detection and Response. XDR takes features from other products such as SOAR (Security, Orchestration, Automation, and Response), better data collection/analysis of endpoint telemetry, and the use of AI in the cloud for protection, response, and automated triage support.

Best Advanced Threat Protection Software: Top 5 ATP Systems

ATP software comparison chart (Top 5 highest rated)

Advanced threat management is a comprehensive approach to managing security threats in a digital environment. It considers cyber threats’ complex and ever-evolving landscape, working to identify, mitigate, and respond to them effectively. XDR management combines advanced analytics, machine learning algorithms, behavioral analysis, and automation to identify threats quickly before they can cause damage or disruption.

It also considers the social engineering techniques used by attackers, known malware, and phishing tactics, working to detect suspicious events, attack vectors, and methods, or specific threats and create solid firewalls and antivirus response capabilities that protect against them.

Hyper Vigilance has used several next-generation XDR products to help monitor network traffic, provide real-time responses to known threat sources, employ malware protection systems, and prevent advanced persistent cyberattacks that may slip past outdated or underutilized software. 

ATP Software Comparison Chart (Top 5 Highest Rated)

ATP SoftwareBest Used ForOur Rating
(Out of Five)
Crowdstrike Falcon High network containment and protection4.8
TrendMicro XDRReal-time endpoint vulnerability monitoring4.8
Microsoft Defender for EndpointGreat automated response features; 
Compatible with Microsoft products
Sentinel One SingularityEasy deployment4.6
FireEye Network SecurityIndustry-leading threat detection4.6

What is the best advanced threat protection software? Here’s our top 5 list:  

By understanding top malware security threats, using the best advanced threat protection software, and having effective response practices and tools, businesses can reduce the lifecycle of an attack and increase endpoint protection.

Consider five styles of ATP defense we’ve found that can differentiate suspicious from normal system activity.

Best Advanced Threat Protection Software: Top 5 ATP Systems

1. Crowdstrike Falcon (Best advanced threat protection software overall)

Crowdstrike has been the best thus far for incident response (IR). 


  • Advanced network containment
  • Robust dashboards and data for security analysts 


  • Not user-friendly for novices
  • Requires advanced insight to use a variety of its tools (for example, users must learn SPL, its proprietary programming language
Best Advanced Threat Protection Software: Top 5 ATP Systems

2. Trend Micro XDR (Great capabilities)

A good out-of-the-box XDR that provides a wide swath of end-user security zones and protection


  • Vulnerability detection for real-time endpoint monitoring
  • Great software with a simple GUI to mark vulnerabilities, analyze behavioral patterns, and even control and monitor zero-trust access


  • Expansive features can overwhelm users and require a high degree of resources
Best Advanced Threat Protection Software: Top 5 ATP Systems

3. Microsoft Defender for Endpoint (Top advanced protection software for ease of use)

Microsoft Defender is a front-runner in the endpoint threat hunting game due to its ease and accessibility, offering a centralized management dashboard to detect security incidents.


  • Contains great automated response features
  • Interacts with MS products and its Active Directory to streamline processes
  • Offers two plans to customize your security posture:

    Advanced Threat Detection 1

    Offers defense against methods that can bypass traditional threats with real-time measures like zero-day protection.  

    Provides robust reporting capabilities into known and unknown threats including device discovery, threat hunting and analytics, and sandboxing.

    Advanced Threat Detection 2

    Grants advanced endpoint protection on top of level 1 to include device inventory as well as plug-in and security baseline assessments to enhance opportunities for detection of threat actors. 


  • Limited features compared to other XDRs
  • Engineers must work to reduce false positives that occur more than other XDRs
Best Advanced Threat Protection Software: Top 5 ATP Systems

4. SentinelOne Singularity (Well done advanced computer threat protection)

SentinelOne is the easiest to deploy among the ATP products and was effective in avoiding many false positives compared to other products. The “cons” of the software are what reduced its score for us.


  • Deploys easier than most ATP tools without much customization needed from endpoint agents
  • Great at monitoring remote user activity to keep the network safe and secure
  • Avoids many false positives 


  • Exclusions to detection and response protocols are not up-to-date
  • Adding application exclusions requires a reboot, even with single applications
Best Advanced Threat Protection Software: Top 5 ATP Systems

5. FireEye Network Security (High-level active threat protection)

 Popular with large enterprise companies, FireEye offers an advanced degree of protection from global attacks that exploit and damage endpoint security.


  • Provides great anti-threat protection systems for advanced users
  • Industry-leading intrusion prevention and threat protection


  • Difficult to implement
  • Requires learning a query and scripting languages to maximize its benefits 
Best Advanced Threat Protection Software: Top 5 ATP Systems

XDR solutions help protect against these malicious threats, allowing organizations to proactively detect and respond to emerging threats before they cause damage. With a better understanding of the top endpoint security threats and malware and a robust ATP solution, companies can be well-equipped to keep their data safe.

Please note: rankings are all subjective, and every system configuration varies. While there is a variety of advanced threat management services to provide protection and cyber threat intelligence, please consult us (or your trusted advisor) and your network security teams for the best fit for your cybersecurity analysis and response needs.

“Which ATP software is best for me?” Our takeaway for advanced threat protection solutions

After thorough research and analysis, we found that the best protection software depends on your business needs and requirements. And while this may seem like a copout, the software you need can differ from what other companies require. 

Selecting from the right ATP solutions includes: 

  • Your overall budget
  • The skill of your IT team (or absence one)
  • Ease and speed of implementation
  • Comprehension of the software

Whether purchasing software or as managed services, you want to ensure it covers the complete attack chain – from prevention and mitigation to detection and response. Your XDR solution should also have a comprehensive blacklist to detect attacks and block known threats. 

Overall the cybersecurity community is evolving its endpoint protection and machine learning to keep up with the threats. Of course, cyber aggressors always have the first-move advantage, and yet when it seems threat detection and response tactics are one or two steps behind (which we can expect when playing defense), we are honing in on best practices and higher levels of threat intelligence and protection overall to keep network security stable and locked down.

Secure Your Business with Hyper Vigilance  

According to Checkpoint Research, global cyberattacks increased by 38% in 2022. Unfortunately, that number will only increase in the coming years.  Your business – including its firewall and endpoint protection – needs to be ready. Cybersecurity training for employees and managed compliance services are two options to consider. Let us know how we can help customize a cybersecurity solution for you.

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Hyper Vigilance was the right choice to guide us through the cybersecurity process as we attempt to grow the business. They provide excellent service and we continue to look forward to working with the Hyper Vigilance team. We are very grateful for how they simplified the entire process and the efficiency during the transition to a secure platform!
Hyper Vigilance moved us from negative NIST score to almost full compliance in less than 1 month. The team is experienced, quick, efficient and works to find the best solution to maintain business operations while keeping security at maximum level. Communication and issue resolving is fast. Highly recommended.
We are required to comply with NIST 171 and CMMC to remain competitive for defense contracting, so we sought and received several quotes from reputable companies, and Hyper Vigilance was the top choice. They offered a higher level of assistance compared to others that were more expensive. The professionals at Hyper Vigilance have proved to be very knowledgeable, responsive, professional, and customer focused. The support they provide is very comprehensive and flexible, and have executed several innovative options/solutions to achieve our goal. Their technical professionals are always on the clock and are very responsive.