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IT is only as good as the infrastructure it’s built on. At Hyper Vigilance, we put security above everything else, making our managed IT solutions unique in the world of Managed Service Providers (MSPs). This unique approach to IT management positions us as a leader in the field and as a trusted partner for our clients. 

Whether your business is looking to completely outsource your managed IT work or are looking for an advisor to add in a layer of security to a long-established infrastructure, our team works with you to make sure you get the security you need. 

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Security-First Managed IT Solutions

Server Provisioning

Setup and configuration of server data, software, and systems.

User Provisioning

Add or refine user access and permissions across end-point devices.

Server & Data Migration

Seamlessly move between different cloud or physical storage systems.

IT Management Functions

Secure management of your organization’s hardware, software, and networks.

Patch Management

Continuous maintenance and implementation of patches to networks and systems.

Operations and Service Desk Support

24/7 support for security and IT-related concerns or events.

Managed IT Support Services

What does security-first managed IT mean?

All of our managed services have their start in a security-based background. We integrate the tools and networks needed to deliver our managed IT services into a platform so that we can expand and encompass your entire business safely and efficiently at scale. No matter what kind of IT services your business needs, you can rest easy knowing that beneath it all is the cybersecurity expertise and peace of mind that comes with Hyper Vigilance. 

Security-First Managed IT Solutions That Fit Your Business  

You need a solid and secure foundation no matter the size of your business or what your IT department is currently capable of. Hyper Vigilance works with your team to customize a managed security IT plan to complement whatever security or IT infrastructure you have (or don’t have) in place.

Managed IT Solution

for Secure Enterprise

Already have a robust IT shop that manages IT services but lacks cybersecurity expertise? Our experts plug into your already existing IT team to provide the security measures you need to keep your enterprise business secure.

Managed IT Solution

for Small Business

Overwhelmed by the time, cost, and resources needed to set up and maintain an up-to-date security infrastructure? Outsource your managed IT services to Hyper Vigilance for the quick and cost-effective cyber support your business needs.

Is Your Business Secure from the Bottom Up? 

Build a stronger business with a secure foundation. Get in touch with experts at Hyper Vigilance to learn more about what it means to have a security-first managed IT team helping you run your business.

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