GuardNet and CMMC Compliance

Now more than ever, strengthening your cybersecurity posture isn’t an option. It’s a necessity. Now that Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) has been signed into law, any company working with the DoD will be required to meet a certain standard of cybersecurity verification in order to win—or even bid on—contracts, whether as a prime or sub-contractor. That means that if you haven’t already started preparing for CMMC compliance, it’s time to do so. 

But meeting compliance requirements doesn’t have to be a headache. While many organizations offer piecemeal cybersecurity solutions that only partially protect you, GuardNet from Hyper Vigilance offers a complete CMMC compliance solution platform wrapped up in a box. This turnkey cloud and mobile friendly platform is simple to set up, integrates seamlessly with CMMC and other compliance frameworks, and requires little upkeep. The result? Your business can get compliant without sacrificing productivity.

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    GuardNet and CMMC Compliance

    Who Does CMMC Impact?

    If you’re a contractor or subcontractor working with the DoD, you are required to meet CMMC compliance standards if you wish to bid on contracts within the next few years. The cost of not complying will not only put your business at risk from not competing on Government contracts; it may also put our country at risk, physically and economically. That’s why safeguarding your assets with a CMMC compliance solution such as GuardNet is critical. 

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    GuardNet and CMMC Compliance

    GuardNet as a CMMC Compliance Solution

    Working as an end-to-end CMMC compliance solution, the GuardNet Enclave platform allows your business to be secure and fully protected from all sides, rather than partially protected with several different third-party apps. GuardNet is easy to set up and implement, so you can achieve your appropriate cyber hygiene level while still operating at 90% productivity or higher.

    What’s Included with GuardNet

    Managed Detection and Response

    Analyst will triage, analyze, and respond to active threats in real-time to ensure your users and business remains secure.

    Managed Security Information and Event Management System

    Aggregates and retains logs and provides a comprehensive dashboard for all security event information

    Endpoint Protection and Endpoint Detection Response Capability

    Supports incident response and advanced malware protection on endpoints

    Vulnerability and Patch Management

    Keeps endpoints and servers updated and properly configured

    Configuration Control and Scanning using CMMC and NIST 171 policies

    Validates compliance and monitors to ensure compliance changes are addressed in a timely fashion neue sit amet.

    GuardNet and CMMC Compliance

    How to Get Started on the CMMC Compliance Process

    New to compliance? The first step in complying with CMMC is knowing how your organization stands against compliance standards. At Hyper Vigilance, we offer a comprehensive readiness inspection that gives you a complete picture of where you are and what you need to do next. During the inspection, we’ll walk through every procedure, practice, and article of CMMC and compare it against your current operations to give you clear next steps towards compliance.

    Learn more about our Readiness Inspection.

    GuardNet and CMMC Compliance

    Does GuardNet Work for Other Compliances?

    While designed to be a CMMC compliance solution, the GuardNet Enclave platform works well to protect company, employee, and client information for many industries and compliance types. Whether you work at a financial institution or a hospital, GuardNet can protect what you’re working on from falling into the wrong hands. 

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    Get CMMC Compliant with Hyper Vigilance  

    If you’re searching for a comprehensive, full-service CMMC compliance solution that won’t interfere with your organization’s day to day operations, GuardNet is the answer. We’ll work with you and your team to create an implementation strategy that aligns with your goals, concerns, and capabilities.

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