Working with GuardNet

It’s no secret that getting compliant can come at the cost of lost productivity. But here at Hyper Vigilance, we believe that preparing for compliance shouldn’t take up your valuable working hours. Simply put, companies shouldn’t have to choose between being compliant and getting work done. 

That’s why we created GuardNet, a turnkey virtual cloud and mobile friendly platform that works as an end-to-end compliance solution. While designed to be a solution for CMMC in particular, the GuardNet Enclave platform can be used for many industries and compliance types. Whether you work at a financial institution or a hospital, our platform can protect what you’re working on from falling into the wrong hands. 

GuardNet is designed to keep your business secure and protected from all sides while allowing you to operate at 90% productivity or higher. But don’t just take it from us—read on to hear how our customers have found success with GuardNet. 

Working with GuardNet

What can I expect from working with GuardNet?

With the GuardNet platform, you’ll have access to the compliance management, detection analysis, incident response, log collection, and service desk support you need to meet compliance and keep your employees on-task. Enroll a device, follow the log in instructions, and get back to work. 


“We chose Hyper Vigilance as they provided us with the most comprehensive solution to comply with both NIST 800-171 and CMMC. Furthermore, their responsiveness to our needs and flexibility has allowed us to save a tremendous amount of time and money.” – GuardNet customer

Working with GuardNet

How can GuardNet help my business become compliant?

The GuardNet Enclave solution helps you meet your compliance requirements with features including Device Management and Control, Managed Detection and Response, Managed Security Information and Event Management, and GovCloud Email and File Storage. You can trust that your emails, file sharing, and document access are protected and secure, whether you’re using personal or employer-provided devices.


“A lot of tools, configurations, and services go into being compliant with NIST 800-171 and CMMC. Hyper Vigilance provides the most comprehensive and cost-effective way to achieve compliance. Without Hyper Vigilance, we were planning to hire an additional full-time employee to work with a consulting company. Using Hyper Vigilance we were able to avoid this additional cost-saving us over $125,000 a year on labor and consulting fees.” – GuardNet customer

Working with GuardNet

How can I get started with GuardNet?

To get customers started with GuardNet, we walk them through an easy onboarding process that includes instructions on how to back-up and migrate data and access the environment. Your expert team at Hyper Vigilance will help field any onboarding questions and handle issues that arise.   


“Hyper Vigilance set-up process was organized, and when we encountered problems, they quickly contacted us to be there with us every step of the way. During the process of getting compliant, Hyper Vigilance has helped us avoid over $150,000 in costs and saved us over $50,000 in licensing cost as well. We started as a managed security client though now rely on the Hyper Vigilance team to get our cloud and on-premise environments compliant with CMMC and NIST 800-171.” – GuardNet customer

Get Compliant with Hyper Vigilance 


Whether your business has compliance requirements or you place importance on safeguarding your clients and customers’ information, you need an adaptable, comprehensive cybersecurity solution that doesn’t slow down your day-to-day operations. Get in touch with us to see how GuardNet can help secure your business. Contact Us

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