6 Different Types of Cyber Security Categories & Solutions

More often you hear about a new cyber threat that topples a global company or damages the reputation of an individual – data breaches, malware attacks, server crashes, or stolen personal information such as credit cards, passwords, or private addresses.


Different types of cybersecurity categories and solutions are available to ensure the integrity of your network.

And yet, what are some of the most prolific IT security types you can use to safeguard you from attackers?

Let’s dive into them.

6 Different Types of Cyber Security Categories & Solutions

How many types of cyber security are there?

There are six types of security that prevent hackers, malicious digital threats, and cyber attacks from compromising your organization and accessing its sensitive data. And while this list is not exhaustive, it will give you an idea of where your pain points may lie and how you can best secure your data from a broad scope.

What are the different types of cyber security solutions?  

Different types of cyber security solutions fall into various cybersecurity categories. The computer security types hinge on the user, the system being used, and the devices in operation.

Types of computer security protocols can apply to…

Critical Infrastructure



Cloud Services

Internet of Things (IoT)

6 Different Types of Cyber Security Categories & Solutions

Critical Infrastructure Security

This type of cyber security focuses on networks, IT servers and centers, and facilities that house large amounts of data (think power and energy plants, water treatment facilities, or even heating and cooling systems).

Various cyber security threats pinpoint essential services such as water supply systems, power grids, and even HVAC units in acts of sabotage, corporate espionage, or nation state cyberattacks.

6 Different Types of Cyber Security Categories & Solutions

Application Security

Any and all applications your business uses can inadvertently link you to a breach of network security.

Your IT team and programs should set up, document, and ensure app security includes procedures for use and access as well as provide tools for the Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) pipeline to automate and trigger cybersecurity protocols.

A simple but crucial factor to help protect the user and system data is using two-step authentication to log into such applications to protect users.

6 Different Types of Cyber Security Categories & Solutions

Network Security

Most unauthorized attacks occur in this space. An employee may inadvertently unleash malware on their individual computer, infect their hard drive, and then affect the entire organization. Data management in this area is vital to keeping your information secure and your weakest points patched up and guarded properly.

Solid firewall protection such as Next-Generation Firewalls (NGFW) and Network Access Control (NAC) help to slow down and mitigate cyber-attacks from causing lasting (or even irreparable) damage.

Your organization needs technology that performs anti-virus and anti-malware detection, isolation, and removal of malicious code or bugs.

6 Different Types of Cyber Security Categories & Solutions

Cloud Security

With the advent of remote and hybrid work creating more challenges for data storage, this type of security refers to cloud controls and services that secure your personnel’s online credentials.

More businesses are turning to cloud infrastructure to store data and run apps. This involves putting policies in place to protect data stored on cloud-based systems and devices.

The consistent use of VPNs when accessing data from the cloud to prevent unauthorized traffic is one ideal solution.

Companies are looking for security experts who can work on public and hybrid cloud platforms like AWS and Azure.

6 Different Types of Cyber Security Categories & Solutions

Internet of Things (IoT) Security

Devices connected to the internet are an integral part of daily living – security systems, fitness watches, heating and cooling our homes, and even our automobiles.

A keen awareness is essential with IoT technology, and keeping up with and implementing the latest techniques can be daunting.

Patches, important security updates, and connecting to the internet only when an application is being used can protect and save your people and your business data.

6 Different Types of Cyber Security Categories & Solutions

Mobile Security

Phones are often overlooked when it comes to securing information from harmful emails, downloads, or jailbreaks.

Threat actors are looking for weaknesses in corporate security to exploit as employees send vast amounts of data and code across the internet.

Mobile Device Management (MDM) software can help defend your corporate network and sensitive information from cyberattack.

6 Different Types of Cyber Security Categories & Solutions

How we can help you in the different areas of cyber security

You can Google any company for “cybersecurity” or answer the question “What is cyber security?”, but the true number of personnel that has the experience to adequately defend your business from cyberattacks is limited in scope.

Cybersecurity training for employees also requires an expert level of experience and care to help everyone remain alert and compliant.

At Hyper Vigilance our experience with expansive cyber security aspects and solutions for your business ensures your organizational and personal information stays within the confines of your business.

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Final points on the different kinds of cyber security

While human error is always a factor regarding security, identifying potential issues before they become problems, teaching everyone proper techniques for due diligence, and implementing internal and external processes for saving and recovering data require everyone to do their part.

Everyone in your business needs to properly get into the practice of protecting, monitoring, and securing their sensitive information.

( For more information on specific cyber threats, see our blog “4 Common Types of Cyber Security Threats & Vulnerabilities.” )

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