Guardnet Enclave

Never Allow compliance to disrupt your Business

Win and Keep DoD Contracts with GuardNet Enclave designed to make compliance simple and affordable

“Hyper Vigilance is highly trained group of professionals that will guide you every step through the compliance process. They are attentive, knowledgeable, and have a short turnaround time in communications with our team. They have made our compliance process manageable by breaking it down into easy to follow plans of action and we are very happy with their services.”

No More Complex Solutions and Manual Effort

Deploy GuardNet Enclave for NIST 171 and CMMC compliance with confidence while avoiding disrupting your business processes and keeping your employees productive.

Access a Secure Desktop Anywhere, Anytime

Allow your users to log-in from any location at any time with robust functionality met with military-grade security. Desktops are designed to meet your company’s compliance needs without compromising on functionality. Desktops are managed, logged, monitored, and backed up daily.

Receive and Send CUI in a Certified GovCloud

New or existing communications with Government officials, suppliers, prime contractors, other partners will be secured with end-to-end encryption using our Zero-trust architecture. Emails can be encrypted using Government and private certificate authorities that are all FIPS 140-2 compliant.

Save Sensitive Files and Share Them Securely

Sharing files with Government officials, subcontractors, and other partners will be secured with end-to-end encryption using our GuardNet solution for both CUI and FCI. Strict file restrictions can be enabled with expiration dates, read-only, view-only, and edit permissions giving you full control to the access of your sensitive data.

Hyper Vigilance - 6 Different Types of Cyber Security Categories & Solutions

24/7 Security Monitoring Services that meet DFARS safeguarding requirements

Your company devices, accounts, and data is being monitored 24/7 by cybersecurity professionals that detect, analyze, and respond to the most sophisticate threats out there. Incidents are prioritized and reported quickly to prevent security breaches from occurring.

Zero-trust architecture and disaster recovery solutions built-in

Zero-trust is the concept of assuming your compromised and trust nothing. Talking about it seems easy, implementing it is completely the opposite. Our solution uses lessons learned from years of expertise and proven methodologies that when combined with the latest technology allows Hyper Vigilance to deliver and sustain a highly resilient and secure environment. Ask us how.

Compliance reporting and system documentation provided

Having a secure system is half the battle. Documenting it can sometimes take longer than build it. Our team of compliance managers have put together documentation that can easily be tailored to your organization with detailed security implementation statements along with a shared responsibility matrix that is required for NIST 171 and CMMC.

Hyper Vigilance was the right choice to guide us through the cybersecurity process as we attempt to grow the business. They provide excellent service and we continue to look forward to working with the Hyper Vigilance team. We are very grateful for how they simplified the entire process and the efficiency during the transition to a secure platform!

Hyper Vigilance moved us from negative NIST score to almost full compliance in less than 1 month. The team is experienced, quick, efficient and works to find the best solution to maintain business operations while keeping security at maximum level. Communication and issue resolving is fast. Highly recommended.

We are required to comply with NIST 171 and CMMC to remain competitive for defense contracting, so we sought and received several quotes from reputable companies, and Hyper Vigilance was the top choice. They offered a higher level of assistance compared to others that were more expensive. The professionals at Hyper Vigilance have proved to be very knowledgeable, responsive, professional, and customer focused. The support they provide is very comprehensive and flexible, and have executed several innovative options/solutions to achieve our goal. Their technical professionals are always on the clock and are very responsive.

A Complete Solution to Compliance

GuardNet Enclave is a simple, complete, and an all-in-one solution to meet your compliance needs that is accessible anytime, anywhere.

Your employees will be able to remain fully functional while controlling the flow of sensitive information. Your team will be able to prove, function, and report on compliance.