Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) 2.0 Consultants

With cyber threats growing globally by the minute, the Department of Defense is solidifying guidelines for CMMC 2.0 to help DoD contractors and their supply chain be compliant with the current federal information security protocols.

The right CMMC consultants can streamline your processes and provide DoD Contractors proper implementation methods to create a secure, non-federal network to house national security information.

Is YOUR business ready to meet CMMC compliance requirements?

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CMMC Consultants: DFARS & CUI CMMC IT & Security Services

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CMMC compliance support and cyber hygiene are essential to keep your website up to DoD standards. You need someone who has the most up-to-date CMMC certification and accreditation and is familiar with cybersecurity frameworks, aware of compliance requirements, and has a keen knowledge of security controls for Levels 1 to 3 of CMMC 2.0 standards.

Our CMMC consulting services ensure that you are CMMC compliant and ready for a CMMC audit regardless of what level your business needs.


CMMC Consultants: DFARS & CUI CMMC IT & Security Services

Expert CMMC planning solutions to help you achieve readiness

The Department of Defense recently initiated CMMC 2.0 to streamline its previous model down from five to three compliance levels. Using the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) cybersecurity standards, the DoD provides safeguarding protocols to improve the cybersecurity posture of the Defense Industrial Base (DIB).

While NIST 800-171 allows self-certification, the DoD requires a more thorough assessment by a third-party assessor.

CMMC Level 1 requirements require only a self-assessment and attestation. However, CMMC Levels 2 and 3 require their CMMC assessment to be conducted by Certified Third-party Assessment Organizations (C3PAO) approved by the CMMC-AB (CMMC Accreditation Body).

More about our CMMC planning services

An experienced CMMC planning business consultant will provide the proper CMMC requirements and CMMC compliance for your business, your DoD contracts, and your subcontractors, taking you through every step of your plan of action and milestones (POA&M). Here are some of the key components we can offer:

What others think of our expert CMMC planning business consulting services

CMMC planning companies need expert CMMC planning practice, and Hyper Vigilance has provided numerous clients with rock-solid cybersecurity protocols for their businesses.

CMMC planning firms may claim to be experienced, but can back our claims with results from clients like those below…

Hyper Vigilance was the right choice to guide us through the cybersecurity process as we attempt to grow the business. They provide excellent service and we continue to look forward to working with the Hyper Vigilance team. We are very grateful for how they simplified the entire process and the efficiency during the transition to a secure platform!
Hyper Vigilance moved us from negative NIST score to almost full compliance in less than 1 month. The team is experienced, quick, efficient and works to find the best solution to maintain business operations while keeping security at maximum level. Communication and issue resolving is fast. Highly recommended.
We are required to comply with NIST 171 and CMMC to remain competitive for defense contracting, so we sought and received several quotes from reputable companies, and Hyper Vigilance was the top choice. They offered a higher level of assistance compared to others that were more expensive. The professionals at Hyper Vigilance have proved to be very knowledgeable, responsive, professional, and customer focused. The support they provide is very comprehensive and flexible, and have executed several innovative options/solutions to achieve our goal. Their technical professionals are always on the clock and are very responsive.

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Hyper Vigilance is not a service provider that gives you “out of the box” CMMC consulting services. We have been entrenched in cybersecurity for over 20 years, running gap analysis, and tailoring solutions to ensure your cybersecurity and prepare you to be CMMC compliant.

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Meet our team of CMMC consultants

John Harrison

John Harrison is the co-founder and CEO of Hyper Vigilance and is responsible for enabling the consistent delivery, execution, and evolution of Hyper Vigilance’s cybersecurity and compliance services.

John has more than 20 years of experience in the security industry, including incident response, penetration testing, and standing up large and small security operation centers.

John is a combat service-disabled veteran who served eight years in the US Marine Corps as an intelligence operator and foreign military combat trainer.

He has a B.S. in Criminal Law from Park University, an MBA from Georgetown, and a SANS GIAC certified incident handler and compliance assessor.

Giancarlo Osorio

First is nothing new for Giancarlo. He is a first-generation immigrant and first-generation college graduate.

Giancarlo rose to GS-15 in the Department of Defense. He managed over $150M in contracts and brought software development lifecycle expertise to a $750M Clinical and Logistics Information System portfolio, comprising over 140 applications for the largest global healthcare system.

Giancarlo began his career at the age of 15, building databases and data-mining programs at a Fortune 500 company. He later joined the Army for what would become one of the greatest challenges of his life. At age 19, he was deployed in Operation Iraqi Freedom, receiving numerous commendations and awards until his medical retirement in 2013.